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Stock Pilot

Stock Pilot is an innovative stock portfolio tracking tool crafted by a group of three dedicated computer science students. Developed using Python, HTML, and MySQL, Stock Pilot leverages modules like yfinance, mysql.connector, plotly.graph, requests, Flask, and WTForms. With real-time data and powerful features, Stock Pilot empowers investors to manage and optimize their investments effectively.Stock Pilot stands as a trailblazing stock portfolio tracking solution meticulously crafted by a trio of devoted computer science Students. This dynamic tool emerges from the fusion of Python, HTML, and MySQL, drawing strength from an arsenal of versatile modules including yfinance, mysql.connector, plotly.graph, requests, Flask, and WTForms. Infused with the pulse of real-time data and armed with potent capabilities, Stock Pilot imparts the ability to seamlessly oversee and enhance investment strategies for astute investors.


Interactive Plotly Graphs

Visualize investment performance with live graphs, enabling a deeper understanding of gains and trends.

Live Stock Price Updates

Receive real-time stock price updates to make informed investment decisions at any moment.

Secure MySQL Database

Your user details are stored in a secure MySQL database, ensuring the safety of your sensitive information.

User-Friendly Web Interface

Enjoy a smooth and intuitive web interface designed to enhance your investing experience.

Live Financial News

Stay informed with live financial news updates, helping you stay ahead of market trends and events.

How It Works


User Interaction


HTML Interface


Python Backend


MySQL Database


Integration of Modules


Real-Time Stock Data

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